Confession and Mission Bible Study

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly ... Colossians 3:16"

This Bible study is adapted from President Robert Bugbee’s essay, “Confession and Mission in the 21st Century” which he presented at the Alberta-British Columbia District Convention in Edmonton, May 18-21, 2012. The study is divided into four parts. It would be appropriate as a daylong workshop or as a series of four individual sessions. Depending on the number of participants, you might want to divide the people into smaller discussion groups. Most of the answers to the questions are drawn from President Bugbee’s presentation. It is recommended that those who lead the study view President Bugbee’s presentation in its entirety. To that end we have produced a DVD that accompanies this study. The DVD contains a video recording of President Bugbee’s whole presentation as well as video clips that key into to specific parts of the essay that the study then uses as source material for the basis of the study. For more details about the study please see the study guides which can be downloaded below.


Confession and Mission in the 21st Century - Leader's Guide

Confession and Mission in the 21st Century - Student Guide

President Bugbee’s Essay (taken from the Proceedings for the 2012 ABC District Convention)